The main principle of the Fund's strategy is to mobilize local resources and financial initiatives to support women's groups and to be open to participation by donors and users. However, the fund will retain the right to choose among donors in order to remain independent. Fundraising strategy is of crucial importance to the Women's Fund in Georgia. It includes the establishment of relationships with foreign donors who support women's issues. The Fund will also broaden its fundraising efforts in order to attract international institutions that do not currently work in the region. The Fund works with local foundations, corporations, businesses, and individuals and will seek opportunities to develop self-financing capabilities.


Individual donors:

  • Ellen Galland
  • Beate Vinke
  • Melissa Potter
  • Sandra Ljubinkovic
  • Miriam Schaer
  • Christen Dobson
  • Angelika Arutyunova
  • Duane Needham
  • Sophie Tabatadze
  • Sopho Pruidze
  • Marketa Hronkova
  • Tori Jacobs
  • Anne Kirey
  • Rachel Humphrey
  • Aiste Brackley
  • Kelly Kotlinski Verdade
  • Keely Tongate
  • Elene Rakviashvili
  • Nunu Bendukidze
  • Tengiz Chaava
  • Anonymous
  • Baia Tsikoridze
  • Nino Ekizashvili
  • Rev. Lois McCullen Parr, Pastor
  • Nadine Moawad
  • Nicky McIntyre
  • Tom Pasko
  • Fiona McCormack
  • Manana Siradze
  • Lali Sturua
  • Eka Manjgaladze
  • Alex Shuleshov
  • Ia Arveladze
  • Tamar Narimanidze
  • Nino Burchuladze
  • Maka Kereselidze
  • Zura Kharbedia
  • Shota Pataraia
  • Anna Margishvili
  • Alla Tatishvili
  • Tinatin Japaridze
  • Manana Kaishauri
  • Marta Drury
  • Anonymous
  • Megi Gogitidze
  • Kung Fu Junkie
  • Nana Janashia 



Actors and stakeholders of the Women's Fund in Georgia:

Local and international NGOs including women's organizations, women's networks, donors and sponsors, government institutions, self-governing bodies, businesses, banks (local, joint or foreign), individuals, celebrities, experts, media, local communities.

Women's Fund in Georgia is a member of the Women's Funding Network (WFN), the International Network of Women's Funds (INWF) and Grantmakers Without Borders (Gw/oB), Association of Women's Rights in Development.


Our donors:


Sigrid Rausing Trust

                 Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi






Global Fund for Women




Mama Cash







 Eurasia Partnership Foundation


The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation



Channel Foundation


Institute for Sustainable Communities




Urgent Action Fund






People in Peril Association


United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


Oak Foundation




Kingdom of Netherlands