Women`s Fund in Georgia


Women's Fund in Georgia is the first locally established grantmaking organization which supports women's groups' activities and initiatives for social changes in Georgia.


The mission of Women's Fund in Georgia is empowering women in Georgia for protection of their rights, full self-realization and participation in society's life through providing financial and technical support, capacity building and development of feminist philanthropy.


The vision of Women's Fund in Georgia is strong, equal, recognized and happy women in free, safe and just world.


Women's Fund in Georgia is set up by the Educational Cooperation and Development Center. The fund is registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Georgia on May 24, 2005. The Educational Cooperation and Development Center (ECDC) has been working on local philanthropy development specifically focusing on women's issues for seven years. http://ecdc.gol.ge/


Priorities of the Women's Fund in Georgia: protecting women's rights, improving women's economic opportunities, assisting women living in conflict zones, promoting legislative initiatives, raising awareness of gender issues, increasing sensitivity of the community towards women's issues, and supporting women's movement building.


The Fund's activities specifically address the varying, difficult problems that Georgian women face. The locally established Fund is knowledgeable about the needs of the women who live in Georgia and for this reason it will be able to help women's organizations and groups to realize their goals, to create new organizations and innovations. The Fund raises money specifically for the activities of women's organizations and groups.