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679 Grants Given
103 Grant Program
3,481,321 ₾ Financed

Work Directions


Women's Fund in Georgia awards grants to women organizations, initiative groups or individuals, that work on the improvement of women's lives

Capacity Building

WFG continuously works with women's groups to provide them with proper knowledge and information about women's human rights, organizational development and related issues, and to improve their leadership skills

Feminist Philanthropy

Women's Fund in Georgia wants to empower women, young girls and other groups to help them transform their environment

In 2013, Women's Fund in Georgia established "Kato Mikeladze Award". Every year on November 29 - International Day of Women's Rights Defenders - the award is given to on women's right defenter activist in Georgia

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Joint Project of WFG and Independent Feminist Group, every wednesday, at 13:00 o'clock, during 6 months on Radio
In 2017 Women's Fund in Georgia conducted the First Feminist Festival in Georgia.


25 June, 2020

Women’s Fund in Georgia is building Eco-friendly Feminist Residency

Social and environmental justice calls us to build a space that gives equal care to humans and nature. Our space is a green space; it is predominantly built with straw-bale and wood. It is a breathing building. It is sustainable and energy efficient. It is environmentally friendly and has a reduced ecological footprint. Having a green eco-space is a political act.

24 July, 2019

Feminist Festival in Batumi

Women’s Fund in Georgia have held the third Feminist Festival in Batumi and dedicated it to solidarity.

Feminist Festival in Batumi

24 July, 2019

Women’s Fund in Georgia have held the third Feminist Festival in Batumi and dedicated it to solidarity.

Why solidarity? Solidarity – the word, that everybody knows and uses so often, actually has a deeper meaning. Solidarity is not just a recognition of differences. It is more than tolerance, an active condition that requires good understanding of the hierarchy of oppression and responding to it accordingly.

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