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Since Foundation
679 Grants Given
103 Grant Program
3,481,321 ₾ Financed

Work Directions


Women's Fund in Georgia awards grants to women organizations, initiative groups or individuals, that work on the improvement of women's lives

Capacity Building

WFG continuously works with women's groups to provide them with proper knowledge and information about women's human rights, organizational development and related issues, and to improve their leadership skills

Feminist Philanthropy

Women's Fund in Georgia wants to empower women, young girls and other groups to help them transform their environment

In 2013, Women's Fund in Georgia established "Kato Mikeladze Award". Every year on November 29 - International Day of Women's Rights Defenders - the award is given to on women's right defenter activist in Georgia

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Joint Project of WFG and Independent Feminist Group, every wednesday, at 13:00 o'clock, during 6 months on Radio
In 2017 Women's Fund in Georgia conducted the First Feminist Festival in Georgia.


Development of intersectional feminist movement in Georgia

Women's Fund in Georgia (WFG) would like to announce a grants competition on "Development of intersectional feminist movement in Georgia" The program is financially supported by "Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)".

Deadline: 10/10/2022

Deadline: 10/10/2022

Grant Program to Support Women Affected by War

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, Women's Fond in Georgia, together with Taso Foundation, is launching a targeted action to support Ukrainian and Belarusian activists in Georgia who have had to flee their countries due to war, authoritarian regimes or life-threatening situations.

Deadline: 10/9/2022

Deadline: 10/9/2022


5 August, 2022

Shifting the research focus of the Read between the Lines project amidst the complex emergencies of COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine

While we are trying to estimate the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions and influence on women’s and human rights organizations, our societies fell into another catastrophe - Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, devastating for the Ukrainian people and economy, sending shockwaves throughout the region and the globe. These complex emergencies are reshaping the Black Sea region’s dynamics and have brought forward new challenges for human rights protection and promotion. The lack of economic sustainability, the deepening gender inequalities, the rise of militarism, and governments’ lack of capacity to reach and serve the most vulnerable, further established the new role of the CSOs in conflict resolution and handling the increased demand for help.

23 February, 2022

Four Grants and One Survey - Feminist Landscapes – Civil Society Dialogue with All Voices

Within the scopes of the project, Women’s Fund in Georgia issued 4 grants. The groups/organziations filled a survey aiming to understand the perceptions of being involved in the feminist movement in the countries listed, the obstacles to such movements, and what resources are needed to strengthen the movements.

31 January, 2022

Feminist Landscapes – Civil society dialogue with all voices

Women’s funds of Ukraine, Poland, Armenia and Georgia, with the financial support of Filia and Federal Foreign Office launched a joint project “Feminist Landscapes – Civil society dialogue with all voices”

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