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Since Foundation
886 Grants Given
103 Grant Program
5,393,131 ₾ Financed

Work Directions


Women's Fund in Georgia awards grants to women organizations, initiative groups or individuals, that work on the improvement of women's lives

Capacity Building

WFG continuously works with women's groups to provide them with proper knowledge and information about women's human rights, organizational development and related issues, and to improve their leadership skills

Feminist Philanthropy

Women's Fund in Georgia wants to empower women, young girls and other groups to help them transform their environment

In 2013, Women's Fund in Georgia established "Kato Mikeladze Award". Every year on November 29 - International Day of Women's Rights Defenders - the award is given to on women's right defenter activist in Georgia

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Joint Project of WFG and Independent Feminist Group, every wednesday, at 13:00 o'clock, during 6 months on Radio
In 2017 Women's Fund in Georgia conducted the First Feminist Festival in Georgia.


Prevention of Violence against Women

"The Georgian Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT)” together with the partner organizations: Union "Sapari", "Women's Initiatives Supporting Group”, „Society of Democratic Women of Marneuli " and "Women's Fund in Georgia" is implementing a project „Contribution to Elimination of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence in Georgia" (EuropeAid/171780/DD/ACT/GE). The project is financed by the European Union.

Deadline: 4/6/2024

Deadline: 4/6/2024

Practices of Extractivism and its Impact on Women’s Rights in Georgia

Women’s Fund in Georgia (WFG), together with two sister funds - Women’s Fund in Mongolia - MONES and Women’s Fund in Nepal - TEWA is implementing a project that aims to create knowledge in three countries - Mongolia, Nepal, and Georgia around the mining and extraction practices, as well as its influence on women’s rights. The project will also look at how the topics are reflected in the feminist agenda and what can be done.

Deadline: 7/11/2022

Deadline: 7/11/2022


3 April, 2024

Georgian consultant needed to conduct three case studies

KVINFO, Denmark’s Knowledge Center for Gender and Equality, is looking for a Georgian consultant to conduct three case studies exploring the work of three women’s human rights organisations that KVINFO collaborates with in Georgia. The case studies are a part of the Gender Equality and Inclusion Programme, a three-year programme financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the objective to improve gender justice in Georgia and Ukraine. The programme is implemented by KVINFO in collaboration with three organisations in Georgia, and two organisations in Ukraine, all of which are working on gender justice issues. The programme started in December 2021 and runs until November 2024.

External evaluation of the project "Inclusive Feminist Movement Building in Georgia"

7 March, 2024

"Women's Fund in Georgia" announces a call to select an external evaluator or a group of evaluators for the project "Inclusive Feminist Movement Building in Georgia" funded by "Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)".

30 June, 2023

Creator of an Online Library

The person/group selected will work on creation of an online space that has healing justice related materials collected and shared on a secure platform. The design of the platform, visual and reading materials reflect feminist principles

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