3 April, 2024

Georgian consultant needed to conduct three case studies

KVINFO, Denmark’s Knowledge Center for Gender and Equality, is looking for a Georgian consultant to conduct three case studies exploring the work of three women’s human rights organisations that KVINFO collaborates with in Georgia. The case studies are a part of the Gender Equality and Inclusion Programme, a three-year programme financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the objective to improve gender justice in Georgia and Ukraine. The programme is implemented by KVINFO in collaboration with three organisations in Georgia, and two organisations in Ukraine, all of which are working on gender justice issues. The programme started in December 2021 and runs until November 2024.

External evaluation of the project "Inclusive Feminist Movement Building in Georgia"

7 March, 2024

"Women's Fund in Georgia" announces a call to select an external evaluator or a group of evaluators for the project "Inclusive Feminist Movement Building in Georgia" funded by "Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)".

30 June, 2023

Creator of an Online Library

The person/group selected will work on creation of an online space that has healing justice related materials collected and shared on a secure platform. The design of the platform, visual and reading materials reflect feminist principles

30 June, 2023

A study on women who have experienced domestic GBV in Georgia and its relationship to economic independence

The aim of the conduct a study on women living in Georgia who have experienced gender-based violence (GBV), and explore the relationship between GBV and economic autonomy. 

27 February, 2023

Call for solidarity with civil society and independent media in Georgia in their resistance against the draft law on ´Agents of Foreign Influence´

On February 20th, 2023, a draft law on ´Agents of Foreign Influence´ was submitted to the Georgian parliament. It raises serious concerns about the state of freedom, democracy, and social justice in the country, and compromises hard-won progress in the field of human rights.

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