Date: 24/04/2013

Women`S Economic Independence Program 2010 - 2012

The 3-year project “Women's Economic Independence in the Post-conflict Zone and Remote Regions of Georgia” was implemented successfully and covered 19 villages and 4 IDP settlements in Shida Kartli; 10 villages in Kakheti; 8 Villages in Imereti; 7 Villages in Racha. All activities were performed according to timelines and quality expectations, and all planned objectives and targets were met.


159 grants were awarded to 161 women within the program frames. In total, 223 women attended the capacity building training in business skills.

The program  was implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program was implemented in partnership with the Dutch organization “Friends of Georgia Association” (SVGG). One of the founders of the association, Giorgi Khutsishvili, lead intensive business training sessions for the program participants.

Along with this, the project endowed WFG with essential support for building its organizational capacity. In particular, WFG elaborated its new Five-Year Strategic Plan, improved its policy documents and managerial procedures, and advanced employees' skills in Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, PR and Communication, Fundraising, etc.


Major achievements of the project are the following:


-          Significant increase in income for IDP, returnee and vulnerable women from the target areas as a result of project activities;

-          Tangible increase of IDP, returnee and vulnerable womens' recognition in their families and communities;

-          The amount of women actively participating in business increased;

-          The amount of women who gained managerial and business skills was increased through training sessions;

-          Women gained a better understanding of how to work effectively in their different contexts;

-          Women's participation in decision-making increased;

-          An increased number of women improved their financial capabilities thanks to small grants;

-          WFG's organizational capacity was increased;

-          WFG gained experience and expertise in women's small business development.