Date: 03/08/2012

Decreasing the Exclusion of Marginalized Groups of Georgian IDPs - 2011

The project “Decreasing the Exclusion of Marginalized Groups of Georgian IDPs” was implemented by the 'People in Peril Association' (PIPA) in collaboration with their local partner Womens Fund in Georgia (WFG) and supported by SlovakAid.
The project was implemented over 18 months (February 2010 – July 2011) in Shavshvebi, Tserovani and Gardabani, where people displaced during the August 2008 conflict currently reside. The main focus of the project was: improving the economic opportunities of vulnerable populations of IDPs; improving the quality of living of IDPs; developing community services in IDP settlements; expanding civic participation and the social capital of IDPs.


Activities carried out during the year 2011:

46 small grants were awarded for supporting IDPs initiatives

• 3 community committees consisting of 30 IDPs established to mobilise citizens
• 1 workshop of experience exchange between 3 community committees
• 3 public meetings of IDPs and local community members
• 6 courses of practical skills for 100 participants (sewing, tiles, baking, jewellery, thick felt and computer courses)
• 100 vulnerable families' dwellings were reconstructed in Gardabani and Shavshvebi
• 9 community projects were implemented – wrestling square, community gathering place, small park in Shavshvebi; roofs for public stoves, bus stops, a small park in Tserovani; reconstruction of roofs of 5 and 9 storey buildings, repairing an elevator and garbage bin; fixing the sewerage and ventilation systems in Gardabani.