Date: 31/01/2022

Feminist Landscapes – Civil society dialogue with all voices


  Ukrainian Women's Fund on Twitter: "'Global Perspectives for the Feminist  Movement and Women's Rights'. Strategic and timely discussion at the First  Feminist Capacity Building Forum. Thanks @tobiasthyberg @SwedeninUA for  participation and continuous 

Ukrainian Women’s Fund, FemFund in Poland, Women’s Fund Armenia and Women's Fund in Georgia with the financial support of filia.die frauenstiftung and Federal Foreign Office launched a joint project “Feminist Landscapes – Civil society dialogue with all voices”.  Project aims to promote participation of marginalized women’s groups, increase their capacity and strengthen their voice in the women’s / feminist movement.

In order to achieve this goal, participant women’s funds announced calls for proposals for grassroots groups. Women’s Fund in Georgia has issued 4 grants within the grants program for strengthening lesbian resilience, building a space for intergenerational dialogue between ethnic minority women and experience sharing, awareness raising of women with disabilities and needs assessment of Muslim women living in Georgia.

On the implementation phase of the project, situation assessment will be carried out in order to reveal the main barriers that limit organizations to be actively involved in human rights networks/feminist movements. Online trainings, as well as national and international webinars will be held to increase the knowledge of participants about human rights, gender equality, gender discrimination, advocacy campaigns, etc.

This collaboration project will be finalized with a meeting in Ukraine, where participants will share their experiences and perspectives.