Date: 30/06/2023

Creator of an Online Library

Consultancy related to project: Feminist Healing Spaces 

Date: June 2023


Feminist Healing Spaces is a project implemented by three partners: FemFund in Poland, Women’s Fund Armenia and Women’s Fund in Georgia. 

The purpose of the project is to enhance collective care practices among the feminist funds. Feminist activists are constantly living in oppressive environments, where trauma, tensions, conflict and violence affect the ways by which activists communicate with each other. This collaboration seeks to collect the knowledge of feminist/women’s funds about (local) healing practices and to operationalize these practices in the ecosystem of WF’s, partners and feminist activists in general. It also seeks to nurture a culture of well-being and collective care that addresses trauma and helps build a movement that is based on feminist values of care and solidarity, in which healing is understood as an integral part of feminist movement building.

About the partners:


FemFund is a community-led and participatory grantmaker supporting intersectional feminist movements and organizing in Poland. It was launched in 2018 in the context of skyrocketing backlash. FemFund mobilizes resources and delivers it to the forefronts of progressive change. So far, over 260 groups and organizations have benefited from FemFund’s support. FemFund prioritizes the most oppressed groups, including sex workers, queer communities, persons with disabilities, rural women, migrant and refugee women, Black feminists and climate justice activists. 



Women’s Funds Armenia (WFA) is a local feminist fund.  Its aim is to provide support to women’s movement building as well as to strengthen it within Armenia. WFA was established on the bases of Women’s Resource Center, which has ostensibly been one of the main driving forces of feminist movements in Armenia that started in 2003 and continues to the present. WFA provides the necessary resources and tools for women’s organizations, women’s initiatives, feminist activists, and scholars of women’s and gender issues for the facilitating of the design as well as the implementation of their respective ideas. WFA is dedicated to provide assistance for the development of an initial and on-going feminist discourse, as well as to address the various main challenges that women and girls face in Armenia on a daily basis. WFA also provides grants for the self-development of women. In addition, it supports them for recovering from professional burnout (e.g., psychological support, well-being skills). 



Women​’s​ Fund in Georgia is a local grant-making organization supporting women’s rights groups/organizations and individual activists for social changes with financial resources, with capacity building and with promoting the culture of feminist philanthropy. For more than 17 years (established in 2005), WFG has awarded over 1000 grants nationwide, and organized over 200 local and international fundraising events. WFG is an activist fund and not only supports women’s movement but is also part of it. WFG contributes to the movement-building by supporting WHRDs, whose work and commitment are not acknowledged and valued in Georgia.  

We want women, girls, and transgender people to live in a safe, equal and free environment.  

To realize this vision, the mission of the Women’s Fund in Georgia is to make girls and women more active and strengthen women’s movement. 


  • To map existing initiatives and learn how communities heal: to build knowledge on common and different traditions and approaches to healing, practices and rituals that speak to local contexts and represent the ancestral feminist wisdom.

  • To create an online platform that holds materials, experiences and thinking around the healing justice, feminist values and collective healing as a feminist response to trauma, in contrast to more neoliberal and individualistic understanding of resilience and wellbeing. 

  • Together with the project team, to develop a feminist narrative about trauma, healing and resilience and see the different levels of needs in terms of healing justice among various structurally oppressed groups of women, girls and non binary people.


An online space created and designed in English that has healing justice related materials collected and shared on a secure platform. The design of the platform, visual and reading materials reflect feminist principles.


As much as is reasonable, the platform should have the option of being updated from time to time and currently available materials should be uploaded according to the agreed logic.


The language of the platform should be English.


It is expected that the designer will work closely with the project partners in order to create a design of the platform, as well as will jointly develop the logic of how the materials should be uploaded (by country, by thematic, etc).

Presenting a methodology in advance is encouraged.


July - November, 2023

$3900 (GROSS) 


If you are interested, please share
1) a one-pager of why do you want to cooperate with us, as well as shortly summarize your experience;
2) a portfolio of previously created designs and platforms;

Please note that it can be an individual or a collective effort, team applications are welcome.


Include “Feminist Healing Spaces - Platform Creation” in the subject of the mail.

The deadline to express interest is July 7, 2023

You can send your files or questions at 



developer:   Neo Solvox