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Girls Voices

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Program Girls Voices aims to empower young women and girls for self realization and self determination, and encourage their participating in society's life through leadership, dialogue and culture of non-violence.  

The program is  financially supported by filia die frauenstiftung, a global women's fund based in Germany.


1. Applicant: Salome Kereselidze

Title: Mothers

Region: Imereti, Georgia

Project Duration: 3 months

Project Budget: 2500 Euros

Mothers will be the title of a new documentary that will gather the stories of LBTQI mothers from different age groups. Documentary will be shot in the regions of Western Georgia.


2. Applicant: Initiative group from Silence of Lambs to Malala

Title: Feminist Space of Lagodekhi

Region: Lagodekhi, Kakheti

Project Duration: 5 months

Project Budget: 2500 Euros

Project aims to learn the history of women’s movement and activities in Lagodekhi region, gather the stories and create electronic database. Women from different generations will be united to create the material for the e-center, record audio disks and prepare research.


3. Applicant: Multi-Stage Educational Center (Salome Joglidze)

Title: Laundry Rope

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 3 months

Project Budget: 2497 Euros

Project aims to reveal the gender-related problems among school-age girls in Borjomi, and to involve them in different activities that will raise their awareness. The final product of the project will be the performance Laundry Rope – sharing real and personal stories, that are supposed to increase empathy in local society.


4. Applicant: Initiative Group Equal Opportunities for Equality (Fidan Askerova)

Title: Our Voices for Better Future

Region: Kizilajo, Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli.

Project Duration: 4 months

Project Budget: 2500 Euros

Project aims to strengthen young women and girls living in the regions mostly inhabited among the religious-ethnic community and to involve them in active social life, increase their potential through leadership, dialogue and non-violent culture development.


5. Applicant: Civil Activism Research Center (Natia Qarchiladze)

Title: Girls’ Voices from Adjara

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 4 months

Project Budget: 1973.75 Euros

Project aims to support the process of raising civil awareness of young women in Adjara region,  introduce them with the concept of local self-governments and citizen engagement mechanisms.


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