Finished Grant

Open Door Grants Program 2018

Women’s Fund in Georgia issued 9 grants within the Open Door Grants program 2018.

These projects are:


1. Applicant: Ana Bakanidze

Project title: Feministic aspects in Georgian print media of XIX-XX centuries

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 5 months

Budget: 2340 USD

Project aims to study feministic aspects of XIX century and gather interesting articles in one book.


2. Applicant: Luiza Lapheradze

Project title: Personal Exhibition of Luiza Lapheradze

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 1 month

Budget: 2500 USD

Project aimed to create artworks for exhibition-exposition and space for dialogue between the artist and audience of the exhibition.


3. Applicant: For Rights and Education

Project title: Training series for Kutaisi gender consultation council on women’s rights, LGBT community and women with disabilities.

Region: Kutaisi

Duration: 3 months

Budget: 2238 USD

Project aims to hold trainings for the members of Kutaisi gender consultation council on women’s rights, LGBT community and women with disabilities. Participants will receive information on legislative regulations, competencies of local self governments, etc.


4. Applicant: Social Traffic Lights

Project title: A woman was going down the road

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 6 months

Budget: 2500 USD

Project aims to create educational resource that will highlight historical role and merit of women and will also underline the challenges that women have to face since antique period till now.


5. Applicant: Cactus

Project title: Raising awareness on the results of mastectomy

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 4 months

Budget: 2500 USD

Project is related to very intimate and important topic: numbing of the breasts and mastectomy, breast cancer and plastic surgery. The research, conducted within the frames of the project will study whether patients have enough information about their condition or not.


6. Applicant: Aia Beraia

Project title: Article for Eastern European scientific journal Feminist Critique

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 2 months

Budget: 330 USD

Project will promote the author of thesis Nationalism and Hegemonic Masculinity in Post Soviet Georgia to write scientific article for scientific journal based on above mentioned thesis


7. Applicant: Dina Oganova, Salome Benidze

Project title: (S)hero(es) Photo book and exhibition

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 9 months

Budget: 2500 USD

“(S)hero(es)” will underline women’s role in peace building and reveal unknown stories of war.


8. Applicant: Anti-Violence Network of Georgia

Project title: Beyond the Shelter

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 3 months

Budget: 20595 GEL

Campaign aimed to support women living in the Anti-Violence Network of Georgia’s Shelter/crisis center for the victims of violence, mothers and children. With the funds mobilized through the event the kitchen of the shelter has been equipped and women are already involved in culinary course to gain professional skills necessary for employment in and beyond the shelter.


9. Applicant: Maka Kiladze

Project title: Lucky Mom

Region: Tbilisi

Duration: 4 months

Budget: 658.60 Euros

Women’s Fund in Georgia financially supported Maka Kiladze exhibition Lucky Momon Tbilisi Third International Triennale


Awarded Grants