Current Grant

Supporting Feminist Movement Building in Georgia

1. Applicant: Young Greens (Ana Apakidze)

Project Title: The Impact of the Beauty Industry on Women's Lives

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 4 months

Requested amount: 4960 USD

The aim of the project is to highlight and make visible the negative impact of existing beauty standards on women’s lives. The activities carried out within the project will help raise awareness of the tangible consequences of beauty culture, how aesthetic norms are created and reproduced, and the correlation between aestheticization and mental and physical health problems.


2. Applicant: Aliq Media (Liza Torosyan)

Project Title: Regional Media Platform with a Feminist Perspective

Region: Kvemo Kartli; Samtskhe-Javakheti

Project duration: 4 months

Requested amount: 5000 USD

The main goal of the project is to raise gender sensitivity and awareness of the Armenian regional media around feminism in Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti. The sub-goal of the project is to raise the awareness of the general public about women's movement and rights by creating gender-sensitive media content.


3. Applicant: Platform for Changes (Miriam Grigalashvili)

Project Title: Café Called “Cup of Tea”

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 6 months

Requested amount: 5000 USD

The project "Cafe called" Cup of Tea "is a continuation of the project" Feminist Stories "implemented in 2017 by the initiative group of young feminists in Gori. The aim of the project is to conduct an in-depth study of the activities of the first women's society "Mandilosani" in Gori and, in cooperation with local archives and museums, to obtain textual-visual material and to provide complete information to the general public.


4. Applicant: Let’s Start Now (Nana Gogokhia)

Project Title: Informed Women for Change

Region: Tbilisi; Zugdidi

Project duration: 4 months

Requested amount: 5000 USD

The aim of the project is to form local feminist agenda in the conflict regions. The objectives of the project are: to empower local active women and girls living in the villages of Tsalenjikha Municipality and Gali through training, and to strengthen cooperation between Gender Council and local women.


5. Applicant: Women’s alliance for development (Nia Grigalashvili)

Project Title: My Body is not your Decision

Region: Shida Kartli

Project duration: 5 months

Requested amount: 5000 USD

The project is for women who have been bullied at least once because of their body shapes, sizes, weights, body hair, skin, teeth, nose, drooping eyebrows and large or thin lips. The main task of the project is to see the situation created in the region on this issue through focus groups and to outline ways to prevent existing problems.


6. Applicant: Queer Feminist Camp Caucasus

Project Title: Healing in Solidarity

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 5000 USD

The aim for the Camp is to create a self-organized space of around 20 activists focusing on healing and rejuvenation practices in a long-term sustainable way where the concept of radical rest, collective care and solidarity is at its core. The ongoing conflicts with the pandemic on top of that has been very hard on the community and there is a huge need to get together and support each other in these traumatic times.

Target groups: Queer feminist activists and human rights defenders from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.