Current Grant

Protection of women's rights and women's rights activists

1. Applicant: Let’s Do It Together (Leila Ashordia)

Region: Imereti, Tskaltubo

Project Title: Tskaltubo, Khoni, Samtredia, Zugdidi: Cooperation for the Protection of Women's Rights

Project duration: 6 months

Budget: 6000 GBP

The goals of the project are - to increase the competences of non-governmental organizations of Tskaltubo, Khoni, Samtredia and Zugdidi for the protection of women's rights; to create a safe and caring space for women activists and women human rights defenders in order to work effectively locally; to increase the participation of gender equality councils in local self-governments in the process of protection of women's rights and implementation of gender policy.


2. Applicant: Imedi (Kristina Kilanava)

Region: Samegrelo, Zugdidi

Project Title: Strengthening the Network of Women Entrepreneurs - Establishment of Equal Opportunities

Project duration: 6 months

Budget: 6000 GBP

The aim of the project is to strengthen the network of women entrepreneurs and to help them in the implementation of their business ideas. Women and girls living in Zugdidi municipality​​ and Gali district (Abkhazia) are involved in the network. Within the framework of the project, a training course will be held using the mentorship program.


3. Applicant: Saorsa (Lia Putkaradze)

Region: Adjara, Batumi

Project Title: Training of Young Girls and Women Human Rights Defenders Living in Adjara Region

Project duration: 7 months

Budget: 6000 GBP

The goal of the project is to prevent economic violence against young girls and women living in the Adjara region by empowering women and young female human rights defenders/activists. The task of the project is to inform women living in the Adjara region, especially in the mountainous Adjara and especially women with disabilities and LBT women, about economic violence and ways to overcome it.


4. Applicant: (Manon Bokuchava)

Region: Kvemo Kartli, Rustavi

Project Title: Her Home- Creation of Women's Psychological and Legal Support Center in Kvemo Kartli

Project duration: 6 months

Budget: 6000 GBP

The goal of the project is to create a safe and supportive space for women in the ethnically diverse Kvemo Kartli region, both for human rights defenders and for women activists who have experienced various types of oppression and are currently in a traumatic situation. Along with a safe environment, this center will offer legal and psychological support to women.


5. Applicant: Georgian Media Group (Nino Chibchiuri)

Region: Shida Kartli, Gori

Project Title: Feminist Movement - for the Empowerment of War-Affected Girls and Women in Shida Kartli

Project duration: 8 months

Budget: 6000 GBP

The goal of the project is to increase the involvement of war-affected girls and women living in Shida Kartli in all aspects of social life by joining them in the "feminist movement“, and by sharing relevant information.



Awarded Grants