Current Grant

Strengthening Resilience of Women's Human Rights Organizations (2022-2024)

Ongoing anti-feminist attacks and increasing shrinking democratic spaces reinforce the marginalization of women. Political, economic, and armed conflicts and crises, as well as the massive increase of violence against women also threaten the work of activists. These developments are seriously weakening not only women's and human rights movements, but also the future of democracies. A key challenge internationally therefore is to ensure the stability of women's rights organizations and thus, the ability for their work. Their resilience must be strengthened so that they can remain effective in the long term. A strong voice from women is more necessary than ever.  

This is where our three-year project comes in: it builds cooperation to sustainably strengthen the institutional, collective, and individual resilience of women's rights NGOs and activists as nodes of women's movements. The project promotes the exchange, implementation, and sharing of proven and new approaches among participating NGOs - women's foundations as well as grassroots organizations in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Germany - and the development and sharing of recommendations for strong human rights advocacy. 


Purpose of the project 

Women's rights NGOs and civil society activists come out of this project strengthened and resilient. They have the knowledge and "tools" to effectively advocate for gender justice and human rights in their countries despite various challenges (shrinking/closing spaces, burn-out, Corona pandemic, etc.) and use their resources and those of their NGOs in a responsible and sustainable way.  

Democracy development is promoted through resilience studies, the exchange of good practices and successful strategies and training as well as the accompanying media work.  

The project is supported by the Federal Foreign Office in Germany. 

developer:   Neo Solvox