Current Grant

Resilience/Flexibility of Women's Organizations 2023

1. Applicant: Women's Voices (Ani Gogberashvili)

Project Title: Increasing the Visibility of Women's Voices

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 1 month

Requested amount: 3875 Euro

The project involves the creation of the website of the organization, which will make it possible to gather the research and photo-video material accumulated since 2018, and also create a platform for future activities.


2. Applicant: Temida (Lika Gulbani)

Project Title: Organizational Strengthening and Resilience - Mutual Care and Development

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 5 months

Requested amount: 3875 Euro

The project aims to promote the organizational development and sustainability of the "Queer Association-Temida", therefore the task of the project is to create strategic documents for the organization and support the psycho-emotional and physical health and well-being of its employees.


3. Applicant: Kvemo Kartli Media (Manon Bokuchava)

Project Title: Promoting the Safety and Psychological Well-Being of Female Journalists

Region: Kvemo Kartli, Rustavi

Project duration: 6 months

Requested amount: 3875 Euro

The goal of the project is to strengthen the media organization of female journalists working in the Kvemo Kartli region "Kvemo Kartli Media -". To achieve the goal, the organization has two tasks: ensuring the psychological well-being of female employees and creating a safe working environment.


4. Applicant: Council of Elder Women (Svetlana Borchashvili)

Project Title: Increasing the Sustainability of the Organization by Developing a Communication Strategy

Region: Akhmeta, village Duisi

Project duration: 4 months

Requested amount: 3875 Euro

The goal of the project is to develop the organization's communication strategy.

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